Next Gig - Saturday 15th June - The Fareham Pub, Fareham

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Rapid Tranq were formed by 5 members of NHS staff in October 2007 to perform free gigs to patients held in regional secure units along the South Coast. Their first performance was at Ravenswood House in December 2007 as part of a Christmas show put on for, and including some of the patients.

Following the success of this show, the band were asked to perform at various medium and low security units around the Portsmouth and Southampton area, going back as requested for repeat performances over the following 18 months, playing Christmas, Easter and Summer shows.

In June 2009 rapid tranq were asked by 2 nurses from Ravenswood House to do a charity fundraising gig at The Curlew Pub in Havant. They agreed and on 26th june they performed 2 high energy 45 minute sets made up of rock covers including classics such as Queen's 'i want to break free' and covers of some of the biggest selling artists, such as Oasis and The Kings of Leon.

The gig at The Curlew went so well that the nurses raised hundreds of pounds for thier Charity and the pub immediately re-booked the band.

Rapid Tranq are available for gigs anytime, anywhere - playing rock covers from the past and present.

for bookings contact:

Chris "I am the real He-Man" Harries

My name is Christopher David Harries

I was born in the middle of Portsmouth on 2nd of September 1982 (without the need for foreceps or bananas or ska music).

My favourite leisure activity is comparing the calorie content of 'Chicken and stuffing sandwiches' - specifically those from supermarkets.

My favourite member of the band is Dougie because of his sense of style, and my least favourite member of the band is Ross because of his four eyes. 

On paper I am a qualified mental health nurse.

I have had headlice twice - both whilst at junior school. Both times I used strong nit shampoo from the chemist to get rid of them. I remember the shampoo being wildly expensive.

Another interesting point is that I have at least two testicles.

Age: 30

Plays: Guitar

Likes: FIFA 2015

Dislikes: When there's not enough time for FIFA 2015

Favourite Type of fruit: Green

Dougie "Capital C" Da Santos

I was born on the 25th day in the month of the scorpion in a time ong forgotten when the world was divided into 7 kingdoms. Raised by wolves and nurtured by my foster mother and father in the civilised world of Southampton. I learnt guitar, and played heavy, I have been in several bands over several years. Studied art and body painting on naked women. I still hunt for my food and love Chinese. I am at present a qualified mental heath nurse.

Age: Older and wiser than most of the band

Plays: Solo's... with the occaisional bit of guitar solo over a solo

I Like: Rapid Tranq and all of my superb guitars

I Dislike: Stuck up people with crows on thier heads

Favourite animal: Scorpions

Heath "Watch out for my left hook" Gunn

I'm Heath and I was born over 5000 years ago in the land known as The North

I am the singist in Rapid Tranq and can often be heard in traffic jams around Hampshire singing louder than my car's Blaupunkt cassette radio.

I draw inspiration from a wide variety of highly acclaimed artists, including:
Zippy and George from Rainbow, sha-waddy-waddy and Wham.

Age: >36

Plays: Singeristist-ist-ist-ist

Likes: Fast bikes with novelty birthday candles. Ribbons are required.

Dislikes: Miserable people... there is just no need!!!

Favourites: Favourite colour is ultra-violet and my favourite fruit is the oh-so prickly pineapple.

Mike "I can't believe how very narrow Chris' face is" Maher

Age: 20-something

Plays: Drums

Likes: Curry! Wahayyy!

Dislikes: Chris' narrow face

Favourite Film: Forrest Gump

Ross "finally got a decent hair cut" Shaw

Hi, my name is Ross and I don't really know what to say when put under pressure to define myself especially when myself is asking these questions to myself myself.

I like singing and I also like pea and ham soup. I enjoy pretending to play my bass guitar, and I also really enjoy actually playing my bass guitar. My main inspirations for these leisure activities are Stephan Jenkins and Stu Hamm.

I am partial to a Lasagne and I often enjoy playing with the playstation - hopscotch is our favourite past-time.

Age: >25<30

Pretends to play: Bass

Likes: Waiting in line at the post office

Dislikes: Waiting in line at the bank

Favourite song: Motorcycle drive-by - Third Eye Blind

Rapid Tranq are awesome!